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如何在SAP C4C的Embedded组件中检测编辑模式(EditMode)

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My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

I am working together with a partner and they would like to implement a requirement in their embedded component.

(1) The embedded component is injected to a tab in a standard Thing inspector. (2) Inside the EC there is a button. It is required that the button is only visible when Edit button in TI is clicked.

It means there must be an approach for EC which allows it to know currently it is in edit mode or not.

I find a solution for this requirement, however in my solution I use a standard field which is NOT exposed to Partner development. Since I am not responsible for the development of Cloud Studio in SAP I CANNOT guarantee this solution can still work in the future release. USE THIS SOLUTION AT YOUR OWN RISK!

(1) Add the parameter debugMode=true in UI url,

And then ctrl+click on your C4C UI, then you are allowed to review some system field in tab “DataModel”. There is a field /Root/$System/EditMode which represents current Edit mode. When TI is in edit mode, it is equal to X:

“” for display mode.

(2) Open your UI and manually create a field “EditMode” under $System node:

And bind the visibility attribute to this model field.

Test result in the runtime:

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