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SAP C4C Embedded Component最常见的故障原因分析

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My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

Recently I meet with an issue that although I assume I have made all necessary settings for a given embedded component in UI Designer,

still the content I put into the embedded component is NOT displayed in the runtime in UI.

Then I use the tips introduced in two of my blogs below to find out the exact position where the embedded component is initialized:

And via debugging I realized that it is because bSupportedDevice equals to false, so the necessary code to make embedded component visible in line 88 never has chance to execute.

Then I debug the logic how bSupportedDevice is filled in line 84:

Currently I am using C4C in PC( Desktop ):

However the embedded component is marked by mistake as only Tablet supported:

After I change this wrong setting to All,

The embedded component is displayed as expected:

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