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SAP WebClient UI的白屏问题分析

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Once product hyperlink in sales order line item is clicked, it is expected that product overview page is opened.

Instead the empty screen is displayed now:

Most efficient way to find root cause Follow this blog  how to persist the UI exception so you can view them later to register the custom error log in your system.

(1) Specify the error date and user name who has encountered with this error:

From the query result you can find the exact code where this error is raised:

(2) Set breakpoint on mentioned included: ICOM_PRCAT_IL_REL_APIF02. The error is raised in the context of partner determination procedure related logic.

COM_PRODUCT_GET_PARTNER_PROC returns with error code 3: data_inconsistent.

Due to this error, we move to the ELSE branch where the MESSAGE ID statement is executed. Since we are currently in WebClient UI runtime environment as a result exception is raised with error message “Message E COM_HIERARCHY 000 cannot be processed in plugin mode HTTPS”.

(3) The root cause of sy-subrc 3 ( data_inconsistent ) error is a corrupted product category assigned to the given product.

This product category does not have any hierarchy ID assigned so function module COM_HIERARCHY_READ raises the exception data_inconsistent.

Once I remove this erroneous category from product, the product overview page could be opened again.


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