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SAP WebClient UI component模型元数据解析工具

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I use the issue in this  blog to demonstrate the usage of this small repository parse tool: We need to know under which enhancement set the component usage “ZCUSTOM” is added to UI component BT116H_SRVO.

This customizing activity could allow us to compare the runtime repository between the original UI component and the enhanced one:

However, if there are too many enhancement sets in the system, it could be very inefficient for manual comparison.

Fortunately the comparison could be done by code below.

The report is quite simple: (1) in line 9, get all enhancement sets list under which the UI component is enhanced. (2) get the enhanced BSP application name and page name in line 11 and 12, then get the component usage information for each enhanced BSP application via repository tool, then filter it by usage name “ZCUSTOM”.

REPORT zbsp.CONSTANTS: cv_host TYPE o2applname VALUE 'BT116H_SRVO'.DATA: lt_enh_sets TYPE bsp_dlct_ehset,
      ls_enh_set LIKE LINE OF lt_enh_sets,
      lt_extension TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bspwd_comp_ext,
      ls_extension LIKE LINE OF lt_extension,
      lt_usages TYPE bsp_wd_cmp_usage_descr_tab,
      ls_usage LIKE LINE OF lt_usages.lt_enh_sets = cl_bsp_dlc_config_util=>get_eh_sets_of_comp( iv_comp_name = cv_host ).CHECK lt_enh_sets IS NOT INITIAL.SELECT * INTO TABLE lt_extension FROM bspwd_comp_ext FOR ALL ENTRIES IN lt_enh_sets WHERE
   enhancement_set = lt_enh_sets-enhancement_set AND comp_name = cv_host.LOOP AT lt_enh_sets INTO ls_enh_set.
  READ TABLE lt_extension INTO ls_extension WITH KEY enhancement_set = ls_enh_set-enhancement_set comp_name = cv_host.
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
    CLEAR: lt_usages.
    CALL METHOD zcl_view_repo_tool=>get_repo_metadata(
        iv_comp_name = ls_extension-bsp_appl
        iv_page_name = ls_extension-rt_rep_page
        et_usages    = lt_usages ).
    READ TABLE lt_usages WITH KEY usage_name = 'ZCUSTOM' INTO ls_usage.
    IF sy-subrc = 0.
      WRITE: / 'EnhancementSet: ', ls_enh_set-enhancement_set,
      ' defines component usage to component: ', ls_usage-child_cmp_type.

The small parse tool zcl_view_repo_tool just parse the repository xml from database table and convert it to two internal tables which contains the view information and component usage information. Its source code could be found in attachment.

We can compare the report execution result and the manual check via customizing activity: they are exactly the same.

Update on 2017-06-02 14:45PM

It seems the source code in attachment is lost after SCN is migrated to SAP community. Please use the following report instead:

REPORT tool_bsp_metadata.PARAMETERS: name TYPE o2applname DEFAULT 'SMCHS'.TYPES ltype_viewline TYPE cl_bsp_wd_rep_view=>gtype_viewline .TYPES:
  BEGIN OF gtype_op_mapping,
    name      TYPE string,
    op_plug   TYPE string,
    switch_id TYPE sfw_switch_id,
    reaction  TYPE sfw_showhide,
  END OF gtype_op_mapping .TYPES:
  BEGIN OF gtype_ip_follow_up,
    name      TYPE string,
    navlink   TYPE string,
    switch_id TYPE sfw_switch_id,
    reaction  TYPE sfw_showhide,
  END OF gtype_ip_follow_up .TYPES:
  BEGIN OF gtype_navlink,
    name         TYPE string,
    targets_done TYPE flag,
    targets      TYPE tbsp_wd_rep_navigation_targets,
    sfw_data     TYPE bsp_wd_sfw_data BOXED,
  END OF gtype_navlink .TYPES:
  BEGIN OF gtype_viewline,
    view              TYPE string,
    active            TYPE abap_bool,
    view_id           TYPE n LENGTH 4,
    parent_viewset    TYPE string,
    parent_viewarea   TYPE string,
    parent            TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_rep_view,
    initials          TYPE tbsp_wd_rep_viewarea_assigns,
    initials_done     TYPE abap_bool,
    navlinks          TYPE SORTED TABLE OF gtype_navlink
                         WITH NON-UNIQUE KEY name
                         INITIAL SIZE 0,
    rep_view          TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_rep_view,
    is_window         TYPE abap_bool,
    is_intf_view      TYPE abap_bool,
    is_default_window TYPE abap_bool,
    ip_follow_ups     TYPE HASHED TABLE OF gtype_ip_follow_up
                         WITH UNIQUE KEY name
                         INITIAL SIZE 0,
    op_mappings       TYPE HASHED TABLE OF gtype_op_mapping
                         WITH UNIQUE KEY name
                         INITIAL SIZE 0,
    sfw_data          TYPE bsp_wd_sfw_data BOXED,
  END OF gtype_viewline .TYPES:
   ltype_view_tab TYPE HASHED TABLE OF ltype_viewline
                              WITH UNIQUE KEY view active
                              INITIAL SIZE 0 .DATA:   lv_loader TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_stream_loader,
        lv_xml    TYPE string,
        lv_root   TYPE string.CREATE OBJECT lv_loader.lv_xml = lv_loader->load_from_bsp_page( iv_bsp_appl                 = name
                                        iv_bsp_page                 = 'Repository.xml' ). "#EC NOTEXTDATA:   lt_views  TYPE ltype_view_tab,
        lt_usages TYPE bsp_wd_cmp_usage_descr_tab,
        result    TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_repository.* "parse" repository xml data directly into memoryCALL TRANSFORMATION bsp_wd_rt_rep_runtime
  SOURCE XML        lv_xml
  RESULT views    = lt_views
         rootview = lv_root
         usages   = lt_usages.BREAK-POINT.

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