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如何创建ABAP的text table

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(1) create a main table as usual:

define the key field CHANNEL:

(2) create another table which will be used as text table. Ensure a field with data element SPRAS is included as primary key. The primary key CHANNEL of main table must also be included in the text table.

(3) mark field CLIENT and click button "Foreign Keys":

Click Yes

Click copy button:

you could observe the message below:

(4) Repeat the operation for field LANGU

(5) for key field CHANNEL, maintain the main table name ZCRMM_CCTV_CHAL in check table field, click button Generate proposal. Then the entries under "Foreign Key Fields" are automatically populated. Mark the radio button "Key fields of a text table", specify Cardinality 1:N.

Save and activate the text table. After that go to main table to check whether text table is assigned successfully by clicking Goto->Text Table:

After that the text table is displayed in SE11 automatically. You can use the following FM to determine the text table name from a given main table name:


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