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SAP CRM附件创建的internal模式是什么含义

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When I am creating attachment for my business object via code provided in solution:

ls_prop-name = 'DESCRIPTION'.
  ls_prop-value = 'created by Tool'.
  APPEND ls_prop TO lt_prop.
  ls_prop-name = 'CREATED_BY'.
  ls_prop-value = XXX - some one else other than sy-uname
  APPEND ls_prop TO lt_prop.
  CALL METHOD cl_crm_documents=>create_with_table
        business_object     = ls_bo
        properties          = lt_pro
        properties_attr     = lt_properties_attr
        file_access_info    = lt_file_info
        file_content_binary = lt_file_content
        raw_mode            = 'X'
        loio                = ls_loio
        phio                = ls_phio
        error               = ls_error.

I meet with the error below: Characteristic of class CRM_L_DOC is not valid

I debugged a little and found it is caused because the content management code regards “CREATED_BY” field as read only ( protected field ) if internal mode is inactive.

I use where use list on the field internal_mode and found the FM below could activate internal mode with 02 passed into.

After I call that FM in my program, the error is gone and attachment could be created. Unfortunately, I still could not specify the created_by field, I find it is always filled as sy-uname in line 298.


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