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Rahul Mahajan has written a great document to demonstrate where does the tcode lists in your SAP GUI get stored. You may wonder how does he found that place.

I will show you a generic way on how to find the place in the OS registry where stores all the settings related to SAP GUI.

The basic idea is to export the registry as a snapshot before SAP GUI setting is changed, let’s say before change snapshot. And change some settings or do something via SAP GUI, and export the registry again let’s say as a after change snapshot. Compare the two, the difference what you are looking for. You can use File->Export to export the node HKEY_USER and its children:

Then change some settings in SAP GUI, and export the after change snapshot.

I use the standard tool available in command line FC ( file comparator) to try to get the difference between the two.

it failed to finish the mission:

So I choose a more professional tool: Regshot ( You can download it from Google ) You can create two snapshots and it can automatically generate the comparison report to you:

Detail changes:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\General\ControlServices\WebSearchEngine] “WebSearchEngine”=”GOOGLE”


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