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SAP CRM附件的技术属性设计原理

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When you create attachments for your business objects via cl_crm_documents=>create_with_table, you have to pass in an internal table for attachment property. The name-list of attribute name could be got from attachment class via function module SDOK_PHIO_ATTRIBUTES_GET. For example, attachment class CRM_P_DOC has 36 attributes.

The attributes could also be viewed in tcode DMWB:

The actual attribute value could be got via function module CRM_KW_PROPERTIES_GET:

The importing parameters are guid of logical/physical object instances:

The attribute values are stored in PROPERTIES internal table.

Do you know why in the backend table, the property is stored in field PROP09?

actually it is because I hard code the content of relative url as the attachment file name.

ls_prop-name = 'KW_RELATIVE_URL'.
    ls_prop-value = iv_file_name.
    APPEND ls_prop TO lt_prop.

The index of attribute could also be found in tcode DMWB.


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