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使用代码删除SAP CRM的附件(attachment)数据

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In the beginning I consider it is very easy to delete attachments via code, just like below. I have defined one method with following two importing parameters and one returning parameter:

(1) iv_bor_type type string – the BOR type of your business object (2) iv_uuid type raw16 – the guid of your business object instance (3) rv_successful type abap_bool – indicates whether the deletion is successful

DATA:     ls_bo          TYPE SIBFLPORB,
          lt_loios    TYPE SKWF_IOS,
          ls_loios    TYPE SKWF_IO,
          ls_error    TYPE SKWF_ERROR,
          lt_badios   TYPE SKWF_IOERRS,
          lv_del_flag TYPE ABAP_BOOL.
    ls_bo-instid = iv_uuid.
    ls_bo-typeid = iv_bor_type.
    ls_bo-catid  = 'BO'.
    rv_successful = abap_false.
    CALL METHOD cl_crm_documents=>get_info
        business_object = ls_bo
        loios           = lt_loios.
    LOOP AT lt_loios INTO ls_loios.
      CALL METHOD cl_crm_documents=>lock
          is_bo    = ls_bo
          is_loio  = ls_loios
          es_error = ls_error.
      IF ls_error IS NOT INITIAL.
    CALL METHOD cl_crm_documents=>delete
         business_object = ls_bo
         ios             = lt_loios
         bad_ios         = lt_badios
         error           = ls_error.
    IF ls_error IS INITIAL. " deletion failed       rv_successful = abap_true.

Through testing I found it works perfectly well with most of BOR type like product, IBASE, BP, and one order.

However, it does not work for my new BOR type CRMSOCPOST in CRM7.0 EHP3 – the relationship between my BO and the attachments is not really deleted until an explicit call COMMIT WORK is written in the report. However, for any other standard CRM BOR type, the COMMIT WORK is not needed. Why? After some debugging finally I find answer. Have you already observed the comments below? It is written quite clearly: if the business object exists in the database, the COMMIT WORK is not needed.

Back to my case, since CRMSOCPOST is a new BOR type created in CRM7.0 EHP3, the function module does not recognize it, so the code reached line 225, and then the BO instance is regarded as non-exist in DB. So an explicit COMMIT WORK is always necessary to make deletion work.


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