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SAP Hybris(Commerce)安装recipe包含的三个任务,setup, initialize和start

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(1) Setup = Invoked by default if no task is specified with install command. It installs recipe & copies files. (2) Initialize = Initializes the recipes application. (3) Start = Start the application.



  • installer-platform-plugin
  • installer-addon-plugin .


apply plugin: 'someplugin1'apply plugin: 'maven'and other one:plugins {
   id 'org.hidetake.ssh' version '1.1.2'}
The plugins block is the newer method of applying plugins, and they must be available in the  Gradle plugin repository. The apply approach is the older, yet more flexible method of adding a plugin to your build. The new plugins method does not work in multi-project configurations (subprojects, allprojects), but will work on the build configuration for each child project.

区别在于后者的语法要求声明的plugin必须在gradle plugin repository里可用:

Keep in mind, that applying a plugin using the plugins DSL (plugins {...}) does not work for your private plugins or company plugins which are not published to the official Gradle plugin repo. That's why I hope the old approach will at least survive until the new one does support searching in private repositories.


Gradle at its core intentionally provides very little for real world automation. All of the useful features, like the ability to compile Java code, are added by plugins. Plugins add new tasks (e.g. JavaCompile), domain objects (e.g. SourceSet), conventions (e.g. Java source is located at src/main/java) as well as extending core objects and objects from other plugins.


(1) Extend the Gradle model (e.g. add new DSL elements that can be configured) (2) Configure the project according to conventions (e.g. add new tasks or configure sensible defaults) (3) Apply specific configuration (e.g. add organizational repositories or enforce standards)


There are two general types of plugins in Gradle, binary plugins and script plugins - 分为二进制插件和脚本插件两类。

Binary plugins are written either programmatically by implementing Plugin interface or declaratively using one of Gradle’s DSL languages. Binary plugins can reside within a build script, within the project hierarchy or externally in a plugin jar.

Script plugins are additional build scripts that further configure the build and usually implement a declarative approach to manipulating the build. They are typically used within a build although they can be externalized and accessed from a remote location.


Resolving a plugin means finding the correct version of the jar which contains a given plugin and adding it the script classpath. Once a plugin is resolved, its API can be used in a build script.

一旦插件解析成功之后,在build script内可以使用其API.

Script plugins are self-resolving in that they are resolved from the specific file path or URL provided when applying them. - 脚本插件是自动解析的。

Core binary plugins provided as part of the Gradle distribution are automatically resolved. Gradle发行版里自带的核心二进制插件自动被解析。

再回过头来看Hybris recipe文件夹下的build.gradle的三个任务:




void setup() {
        try {
            beforeSetup.each { it() }
            setupDone = true
            log '>>>>>>>>>> Setting up platform properties/extensions ...... DONE'
        } finally {
            afterSetup.each { it() }


执行完setup之后,bin文件夹的父文件夹内,就会出现很多平级的文件夹:config, data, log, roles和temp.


config文件夹:It has all config files. Instead modifying files in platform folder, modify them in the config folder (localextensions.xml / If you are sure what you doing, then you can also do in platform folder.


(1) Hybris is extendable complex solution. During build, all referenced components are integrated. (2) Runtime files and configuration files are created, prepared, and validated. (3) Some parts of Hybris are compiled, such as: - Service Layer & Other Hybris Components


(1) Compiling Source code into Binary code (2) Generates & compiles Model classes based on definitions in "*-items.xml" file (3) Running tests (4) Deployment to production systems (5) It builds every extension listed (or) referenced by "localextensions.xml"


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