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SAP CRM中间件Generic stop set的错误如何解决

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I have Q7Q/504 as ERP system and QDD/504 as CRM system.

A new material named JERRY2 is newly created in ERP and successfully downloaded to CRM via request download.

However, after that I made changes on material in ERP, and the change fails to be synchronized to CRM. When checking the outbound queue status via tcode SMQ1, I see the status Stop.

When I tried to reactivate the Queue,

I got the following message “Generic stop set”:

I have debugged to know why this message is raised:

the flag sg_lock is marked as abap_true, so the message is raised:

The root cause is because there are some errorous entries existing in table trfcqout:

Just remove them in tcode SMQ1 and repeat the operation to trigger delta download, this time everything works.

There is now no status STOP in outbound queue, and the delta change on ERP has been successfully synchronized to CRM ,which could be observed in tcode SMW01.


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