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Suppose I need to add the maintenance view COMV_PARTNER_FCT to my favorite list. I expect once the entry in the favorite list is double clicked, it will automatically navigate to the view detail like below ( the initial screen of SM30 is not expected )

Create a new transaction code and maintain SM30 as default value for transaction:

Just maintain the maintenance view name as the default value for screen field VIEWNAME:

You can find the screen name by put the focus on input field for view name in SM30, and click F1,

then click “Technical Information” icon,

then you get the screen-field name:

The last step is adding the new transaction code to my favorite. Unfortunately when I test it, it fails to work and raised the following error message.
The initial screen still remains without any automatic navigation to detail of view COMV_PARTNER_FCT.

we can find the location where this error message is raised by this  tip and know the error is caused since we didn’t specify any action like UPDATE, SHOW or TRANSPORT.

Then go back to SE93 and add another entry with SHOW = X and after that issue is resolved.


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