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SAP CRM的状态管理和权限控制的集成

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CRM status management framework supports the authorization concept as below.

Customer can choose that only specific user group (with dedicated PFCG role) contains the authorization to change the status of transaction/activity to specific status, e.g. “Completed” and “Cancelled”.

Other user group (with different PFCG role) can only change status to status like “In Process”.

This feature is implemented via so called Authorization Code in IMG activity “Define Status Profile”.

If the respective user status is configured with an authorization code, in the runtime, authorization check will be executed accordingly.

But in CRM, there are two different use cases.

(1) If end changes the user status directly in Fiori UI (edit page), authorization object “B_USERSTAT” will be used for check.

(2) If user clicks the check box in Fiori search page, authorization object “B_USERST_T” will be used for check.

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