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一个CRM OData的性能问题分析

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In My appointment application, when jerry clicks F4 on account field, there will be odata request to retrieve account information.

To my surprise, this odata request took more than one minute to get response:

Then I did a performance trace in jerry system and found out most time is spent on your code CL_CRM_BP_ODATA_RT~ SELECT_ENTITYSET_BY_SQL.

I wrote a report in jerry system MOR/300 to reproduce this performance issue, report name: ZTEST_APP_PERFORMANCE. Simply execute it and you will find the issue.

In jerry system there are 645,212 entries in BUT000, and in AG3/001 I execute the same report ( report name: ZSEARCH_BP_IN_APPOINTMENT ) with BUT000 entries 60,452.

The performance of these two systems are quite different, even considering the table volume difference:

In jerry system: 645,212 entries, 81 seconds

In AG3/001: 60,452 entries, 0.178 second

Even if I disable the authorization related search field,

The performance is a little bit improved but still bad: 645,212 entries, 56 seconds

I am using MaxDB.

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