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ORA-00600:internal error code,argumments:[keltnfy-IdmInit],[46][1],[],[],[],[]

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ORA-00600:internal error code,argumments:[keltnfy-IdmInit],[46][1],[],[],[],[]
以下是oracle metalink上的说明:

Error:  ORA 600
Text:   internal error code, arguments: [%s], [%s], [%s], [%s], [%s], [%s], [%s]
Cause:  This is the generic internal error number for Oracle program
        exceptions. This indicates that a process has encountered an
        exceptional condition.
Action: Report as a bug - the first argument is the internal error number
*** Important: The notes below are for experienced users - See Note:22080.1

        Any ORA-600 error indicates Oracle has detected an internal
        inconsistency or a problem which it doesnt know how best to
        address. These are *NOT* necessarily bugs and can occur for
        reasons such as Operating System IO problems, running out of some
        resource etc..

        Oracle support need more information to determine what caused the
        error. The most useful items are:

        a) The alert log for the instance (and any other instances in
           a Parallel Server environment)
           These should be in BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST.

        b) The trace file for the failing session and any other
           relevant trace files.
        c) Information on what action was being performed.

        d) Whether the problem is reproducible or was a one off

        e) Anything that has recently been changed in the system
           environment. Eg: Has the OS been upgraded, Have any
           database files just been restored, etc...

        A good start would be to use the ORA-600 Lookup utility to  identify known issues and possible solutions. 
        See  Note: 153788.1

ORA-600/ORA-7445 Troubleshooter                       Note: 153788.1



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