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oracle RAC CVU介绍

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 New resource (Cluster Verification Utility) is added in 

 Unlike the previous resources, the cvu resource is actually cluster aware. It’s the Cluster Verification Utility we all know from installing RAC. Going by the profile (shown below), I conclude that the utility is run through the grid software owner’s scriptagent and has exactly 1 incarnation on the cluster. It is only executed every 6 hours and restarted if it fails. If you like to execute a manual check, simply execute the action script with the command line argument “check”.

 [root@node1 tmp]# crsctl stat res ora.cvu -p
 DESCRIPTION=Oracle CVU resource

The action script $GRID_HOME/bin/cvures implements the usual callbacks required by scriptagent: start(), stop(), check(), clean(), abort(). All log information goes into $GRID_HOME/log/`hostname -s`/cvu.

 The actual check performed is this one: $GRID_HOME/bin/cluvfy comp health -_format & > /dev/null 2>&1

 [oracle@test-server1]~% srvctl config cvu
 CVU is configured to run once every 360 minutes

 [oracle@test-server1]~% srvctl status cvu
 CVU is enabled and running on node test-server1

 CVU is nothing but cluster verification utility which now would run once every 6 hours(This is configurable and can be changed using srvctl modify). You can see the logs under $GRID_HOME/log/`hostname -s`/cvu

so If its status shows as offline, then no need to wory about. Cluster verification utility get interacted with this resource to get you the results of cvu. If you are not running RAN CLUVFY then its OK..

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