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Webbench and Apachebench

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Web Bench is very simple tool for benchmarking WWW or proxy servers.

Uses fork() for simulating multiple clients and can use HTTP/0.9-HTTP/1.1 requests.

This benchmark is not very realistic, but it can test if your HTTPD can realy handle that many clients at once (try to run some CGIs) without taking your machine down.

Displays pages/min and bytes/sec. Can be used in more aggressive mode with -f switch.

Usage:    webbench -2 -c  count -t duration

ApacheBench: ab is a command line computer program for measuring the performance of HTTP web servers. It was designed to give an idea of the performance that a given server can provide. In particular, it shows how many requests per second the server is capable of serving.

Usages: ab -n requests-Number  -c concurency-requests

Note: (1) n<=50000;

           (2) if c>1024, then do 'ulimit -n 80920' to large the open file limitation.

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