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nmon and nmon analyser

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nmon: linux and aix monitoring and analysis tool

 download  and put on linux or aix,then chmod 755 nmon before the execution.


nmon -f -t -s interval -c count -m /path/log/

nmon_analyser : excel tool to analyze nmon data, if the file exceeds the limitation 65k, then split it into multiple files to batch process:

split -l 65000 total_data.nmon  nmon

above commond will create more files,such as nmonaa,nmonab,nmonac,nmonad,....,nmonxx

before analyze those splited file, add header content into each files to make sure all of them are avaliable for nmon analyser:

cat header nmonab > nmonab.nmon; cat header nmonac > nmonac.nmon; ... ... ; cat header nmonxx>nmonxx.nmon


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