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About Oracle Lock

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1)A modified row is always locked exclusively so that other transactions cannot modify the row until the transaction holding the lock is committed or rolled back. 

However, if the transaction dies due to instance failure, block-level recovery makes a row available before the entire transaction is recovered.

2)Oracle can roll back multiple transactions simultaneously as needed. All transactions systemwide that were active at the time of failure are marked as terminated. Instead of waiting for SMON to roll back terminated transactions, new transactions can recover blocking transactions themselves to get the row locks they need.

With fast-start fault recovery, the Oracle database is opened for access by applications without having to wait for the undo, or rollback, phase to be completed. The rollback of data locked by uncommitted transaction is done dynamically on an as needed basis. If the user process encounters a row locked by a crashed transaction, then it just rolls back that row. The impact of rolling back the rows requested by a query is negligible.

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