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oracle中Alter system 命令的总结

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Alter system archive log [start|stop|all|...]

alter system archive log all;
alter system archive log next;
alter system archive log sequence 104;
alter system archive log current;
alter system archive log current noswitch;
The following command can be used to stop.
alter system archive log stop
Similarly, arch is started with
alter system archive log start
However, changing the archiver this way doesn't last when the database is restarted. When the database is started, it consultsin the initialization file to determine ifis started.

Alter system archive log all

This command is used to.

alter system disconnect session

alter system kill session

alter system kill session 'session-id,session-serial'
This command kills a. Thesession-idandsession-serialparameters are found in theview (columnssidandserial#.

alter system checkpoint

Performs a
alter system checkpoint

alter system dump datafile

This command can be used in order toof a. The following command dumps blocks 50 through 55 of file 5. Which file 5 is can be found out with
alter system dump datafile 5 block min 50 block max 55;
Note:are only readable by the Oracle account. If you want to change this, set the undocumented initialization parameterto true. Doing so will, however, cause abig security risk.

alter system flush buffer_cache

alter system flush buffer_cache;
This command is not available prior to. It flushes thein the.
9i had an undocumented command to flush the buffer cache:
set events = 'immediate trace name flush_cache';

alter system flush shared_pool

alter system flush shared_pool;
This command flushed the.

alter system quiesce restricted

alter system suspend|resume

alter system switch logfile

Causes a.
alter system switch logfile;
If the database is in, but theprocess hasn't been startedm, the command might hang, because it waits for the archiving of the 'next'.

alter system register

Forces theof database information with the.
alter system register

Alter system set timed_statistics

Setting timed_statistics=true might be usefule when using.

Alter system set sql_trace

Setting sql_trace=true is a prerequisite when using.

Alter system set .... deferred

Alter system can be used to changeon system level. However, some parameters, when changed with alter system don't affect sessions that are already opened at the time when the statement is executet; it only affects sessions started later. These parameters must be changed withalter system set DEFERRED, otherwise aORA-02096: specified initialization parameter is not modifiable with this option error is returned.
These parameters can be identified as they have a DEFERRED in theisses_modifiablecolumn of.

Alter system reset

a parameter.
alter system reset some_param scope=both sid='*';



Changes the parameter's value for the running instance only. As soon as the instance is stopped and started, this change will be lost.


Alters anin the


Alters anin theas well as in the running instance

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