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Error in conversion exit CONVERSION_EXIT_CUNIT_INPUT

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在導入數據時,單位為中文(盒,張)會報錯:Error in conversion exit CONVERSION_EXIT_CUNIT_INPUT  
Step 1 > Type the transaction Code, CUNI

Step 2 > Click on "Units of Measurement" -- You get a Table displayed
Look for 盒 under Units field
If you have only one or two of the above 4 fields, you need to add the remaining .
Step 3 > Type the transaction Code , CUNI again

Step 4 > Click on ISO codes and look for the missing values
see if you can find any thing you were not able to find previously in this table

Step 5> Go back to " Units of Measurement" and hit F7 to create a new record
Int.Meas.Unit --> AAA(此處為轉換之後的單位)
Commercial ----> 盒
Technical --------> 盒
Measurement Unit text --> 盒
ISO Code ---> 盒
Hit save button

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