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Upload Data Error

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今天的問題是層出不窮,change run的事情還沒有完全搞定(估計差不多了),從R3拉取數據到BW的時候又報錯:

Error calling number range object ZMATERIAL for dimension D2 (2786 )


方法一,RSD1 repair ZMATERIAL,我們之前從3.5升級到7.0的時候遇到過同樣的問題。這樣處理之後就OK了,但是這次失敗了。

方法二,Test in RSRV and repaire Number Range and SID.

Goto TCode : RSRV -->> All elementary tests -->> Master data -->> Compare Number Range and Maximum SID.

SRV ---> All Elementary Tests ---> Transaction Data ---> Comparison of Number Range of a Dimension and Maximum DIMID. Then select the InfoProvider. If errors occur (yellow or red traffic light), choose "Correct Error".


方法三,沒有試, Try what I did to see if it works for you. For each dimension in each Infocube a number range is created. For some weird reason during the activation of the Infocube the number range for the dimension giving troubles was not created. Look for it in TCODE SNRO and you should find a number range per each dimension in the cube but the one giving you error.

To solve it, (the easiest way I found) just add any characteristic to the problematic dimension. Activate the Infocube. After that, modify again you Infocube and remove the characteristic you just added to leave the dimension how you need it. Activate the Infocube again. By doing that you will force the regeneration of the dimension and with it the number range. You can chek in TCODE SNRO and the number range should be there. Try loading your data again and it should work.

One thing I don't understand is why that number range sometimes is not created during activatio


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