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1. 解压RDA文件
[hrmsoraclone@hrmodbt01 tmp]$ unzip
2. 使用RDA的帮助
[hrmsoraclone@hrmodbt01 tmp]$ cd rda/
[hrmsoraclone@hrmodbt01 rda]$ ./ -h
Usage: [-bcdfilntvwxy] [-ABCDEGHIKLMPQRSTV] [-e list] [-m dir]
              [-s name] [-o out] [-p prof] arg ...
        -A      Authentify user through the setup file
        -B      Start background collection
        -C      Collect diagnostic information
        -D      Delete specified modules from the setup
        -E      Explain specified error numbers
        -G      Convert report files to XML format
        -H      Halt background collection
        -I      Regenerate the index
        -K      Kill background collection
        -L      List the available modules, profiles, and conversion groups
        -M      Display the related manual pages
        -O      Render output specifications from STDIN
        -P      Package the reports (tar or zip)
        -Q      Display the related setup questions
        -R      Generate specified reports
        -S      Setup specified modules
        -T      Execute test modules
        -V      Display component version numbers
        -b      Don't backup setup file before saving
        -c      Check the RDA installation and exit
        -d      Set debug mode
        -e list Specify a list of alternate setting definitions (var=val,...)
        -f      Set force mode
        -g grp  Specify the XML conversion group
        -h      Display the command usage and exit
        -i      Read settings from the standard input
        -l      Use a lock file to prevent concurrent usage of a setup file
        -m dir  Specify the module directory ('modules' by default)
        -n      Start a new data collection
        -o out  Specify the file for background collection output redirection
        -p prof Specify the setup profile ('Default' by default)
        -q      Set quiet mode
        -s name Specify the setup name ('setup' by default)
        -t      Set trace mode
        -v      Set verbose mode
        -w      Wait as long as the background collection daemon is active
        -x      Produce cross references
        -y      Accept all defaults and skip all pauses
1.先完成RDA的设置。  -L profiles
[hrmsoraclone@hrmodbt01 rda]$ ./ -L profiles
Available profiles are:
  9iAS                   Oracle Application Server 9i problems
  AS10g                  Oracle Application Server 10g problems
  AS10g_FormsReports     Oracle Forms/Reports 10g problems
  AS10g_Identity         Oracle Identity Management 10g problems
  AS10g_IdentityFed      Oracle Identity Federation 10g problems
  AS10g_MidTier          Oracle Application Server 10g Middle Tier problems
  AS10g_Repository       Oracle Application Server 10g metadata repository
  AS10g_WebTier          Oracle Application Server 10g WebTier problems
  AS_BackupRecovery      Oracle Application Server backup/recovery problems
  Act                    Oracle Application Overview
  AppsCheck              Equivalent to AppsCheck
  Apps_DB_Assessment     Oracle Applications Database assessment collections
  AsmFileSystem          Oracle ASM Cluster File System problems
  Asm_Assessment         Oracle ASM assessment collections
  Bam                    Business Activity Monitoring problems
  Beehive                Oracle Beehive problems
  CloudControl12c        Cloud Control 12c problems
  ClusterFileSystem      Oracle Cluster File System problems
  Com_ASAP               Oracle Communications ASAP problems
  Com_CM                 Oracle Communications Configuration Manager problems
  Com_IPSA               Oracle Communications IPSA Software problems
  Com_NCC                Oracle Communications Network Charging and Control
  Com_ND                 Oracle Communications Network Discovery problems
  Com_NI                 Oracle Communications Network Integrity problems
  Com_NM                 Oracle Communications Network Mediation problems
  Com_OSM                Oracle Communications Order and Service Management
  Com_PS                 Oracle Communications Policy Services problems
  Com_UIM                Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management
  DB10g                  Oracle Database 10g problems
  DB11g                  Oracle Database 11g problems
  DB8i                   Oracle Database 8i problems
  DB9i                   Oracle Database 9i problems
  DB_Assessment          Oracle Database assessment collections
  DB_BackupRecovery      Oracle Database backup and recovery problems
  DB_Perf                Oracle Database performance problems
  DataGuard              Data Guard problems
  DirectNFS              Direct NFS problems
  Discoverer10g          Oracle Discoverer 10g problems
  Discoverer11g          Oracle Discoverer 11g problems
  EPMA_FullRun           Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Architect
  EnterpriseSearch       Oracle Secure Enterprise Search problems
  Essbase                Oracle Essbase problems
  Exadata_Assessment     Oracle Exadata assessment collections
  Exadata_CellBrownout   Oracle Exadata long brownout due to cell failure
  Exadata_CellFailure    Oracle Exadata cell failure problems
  Exadata_DatabaseCrash  Oracle Exadata database crash problems
  Exadata_DatabaseHang   Oracle Exadata database hang problems
  Exadata_FailedDrives   Oracle Exadata failed drives problems
  Exadata_FlashDrives    Oracle Exadata flash drives problems
  Exadata_IbSwitch       Oracle Exadata IB switch problems
  Exadata_Ilom           Oracle Exadata ILOM problems
  Exadata_ListenerHang   Oracle Exadata listener hang problems
  Exadata_Network        Oracle Exadata general network problems
  Exadata_NetworkCable   Oracle Exadata network cabling problems
  Exadata_RacInstance    Oracle Exadata RAC instance problems
  Exadata_SickCell       Oracle Exadata sick cell problems
  Exalogic_DriveFailure  Oracle Exalogic drive failure problems
  Exalogic_Gateway       Oracle Exalogic gateway problems
  Exalogic_HealthHwSw    Oracle Exalogic hardware and software health problems
  Exalogic_HealthNet     Oracle Exalogic network health problems
  Exalogic_IbFabric      Oracle Exalogic IB fabric problems
  Exalogic_IbSwitch      Oracle Exalogic IB switch problems
  Exalogic_Ilom          Oracle Exalogic ILOM problems
  Exalogic_Network       Oracle Exalogic general network problems
  Exalogic_Patch         Oracle Exalogic image patches problems
  Exalogic_Raid          Oracle Exalogic RAID card problems
  Exalogic_Temp          Oracle Exalogic ambient temperature problems
  Exalytics              Oracle Exalytics problems
  FCM_FullRun            Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management problems
  FM11g_AccessManager    Oracle Access Manager 11g problems
  FM11g_Bi               Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g problems
  FM11g_Ecm              Oracle Enterprise Content Management 11g problems
  FM11g_FormsReports     Oracle Forms/Reports 11g problems
  FM11g_Identity         Oracle Identity Management 11g problems
  FM11g_Odi              Oracle Data Integrator Standalone 11g problems
  FM11g_OraclePortal     Oracle Portal 11g problems
  FM11g_PFRD             Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer 11g
  FM11g_Soa              Oracle SOA Suite 11g problems
  FM11g_WebTier          Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Web Tier problems
  FM11g_WlsBi            Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g with WLS
  FM11g_WlsFormsReports  Oracle Forms/Reports 11g with WLS problems
  FM11g_WlsIdentity      Oracle Identity Management 11g with WLS problems
  FM11g_WlsOdi           Oracle Data Integrator Suite 11g with WLS problems
  FM11g_WlsOraclePortal  Oracle Portal 11g with WLS problems
  FM11g_WlsPFRD          Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer 11g
                         with WLS problems
  FM11g_WlsWebTier       Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Web Tier with WLS
  FinancialReporting     Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting problems
  FusionApps             Oracle Fusion Applications problems
  GoldenGate             Oracle GoldenGate problems
  GridControl10g         Grid Control 10g problems
  GridControl11g         Grid Control 11g problems
  HFM_FullRun            Oracle Hyperion Financial Management problems
  Hyperion1112_EAS       Oracle Essbase Administration Services 11.1.2.x
  Hyperion1112_EPM       Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System
                         11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_EPMA      Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Architect
                         11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_ESS       Oracle Essbase 11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_FCM       Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management 11.1.2.x
  Hyperion1112_HCM       Oracle Hyperion Calculation Manager 11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_HDRM      Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management 11.1.2.x
  Hyperion1112_HFM       Oracle Hyperion Financial Management 11.1.2.x
  Hyperion1112_HFR       Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting 11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_HIR       Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.2.x
  Hyperion1112_HPL       Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_HPSV      Oracle Hyperion Provider Services 11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_HSS       Oracle Hyperion Shared Services 11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_HSV       Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_HWA       Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis 11.1.2.x problems
  Hyperion1112_PR        Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting 11.1.2.x
  Hyperion_DRM           Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management problems
  InterMedia             Oracle interMedia problems
  IpmWls11g              Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g problems
  Linux                  Linux problems
  LinuxPerf              Linux performance problems
  Maa_Assessment         Maximum Availability Architecture assessment
  Maa_Exa_Assessment     Maximum Availability Architecture with Exadata
                         assessment collections
  Multimedia             Oracle Multimedia problems
  MySQLCluster           Oracle MySQL Cluster problems
  MySQLDatabase          Oracle MySQL Server problems
  OSMonitor              Operating System performance sampling
  OVMManager             Oracle VM Manager problems
  Pda10g                 Oracle Portal 10g problems
  Pda11g                 Oracle Portal 11g problems
  Pda9i                  Oracle Portal 9i problems
  PeopleSoft_Appl        PeopleSoft application server assessment collections
 *PeopleSoft_DB          PeopleSoft Oracle Database tier assessment
  PeopleSoft_Sched       PeopleSoft process scheduler assessment collections
  PeopleSoft_Web         PeopleSoft Web application server assessment
  Rac                    Real Application Cluster problems
  Rac_AdvancedAsm        Cluster with ASM problems (ASM advanced mode)
  Rac_Asm                Cluster with ASM problems
  Rac_Assessment         Real Application Cluster assessment collections
  Rac_Perf               Cluster performance problems
  Retail                 Oracle Retail problems
  Security               Filter sensitive information from the reports
  Siebel                 Siebel problems
  Siebel_DB              Siebel with Oracle Database problems
  StorageTekLTFS         StorageTek Linear Tape File System problems
  StorageTekTape         StorageTek Tape Analytics problems
  SupportInformer70      Oracle Communication BRM 7.0 problems
  SupportInformer72      Oracle Communication BRM 7.2 problems
  SupportInformer73      Oracle Communication BRM 7.3 problems
  SupportInformer74      Oracle Communication BRM 7.4 problems
  SupportInformer75      Oracle Communication BRM 7.5 problems
  TimesTen               Oracle TimesTen problems
  TimesTenLog            Oracle TimesTen problems with logs collected
  TopLink10g             Oracle TopLink 10g problems
  Tuxedo                 Oracle Tuxedo problems
  UcmWls11g              Oracle Universal Content Management 11g problems
  UoaWls11g              Oracle Universal Online Archive 11g problems
  WarehouseBuilder       Oracle Warehouse Builder problems
  WebCenter10g           Oracle WebCenter 10g problems
  WebCenter11g           Oracle WebCenter 11g problems
  WebCenterContent10g    Oracle WebCenter 10g with Oracle Content Services
  WebLogicPortal         Oracle WebLogic Portal problems
  WebLogicServer         Oracle WebLogic Server problems
  WebSphere              IBM WebSphere Application Server problems
A '*' before a profile name indicates the current profile.
2 记下要收集的profiles名称,比如DB10g,LinuxPerf,Security,这三种是需要收集的内容。
[hrmsoraclone@hrmodbt01 rda]$ ./ -cv
[hrmsoraclone@hrmodbt01 rda]$ ./ -S -p DB10g-LinuxPerf-Security
S000INI: Initializes the Data Collection
RDA uses the output file prefix to identify all files belonging to the same
data collection. The prefix must start with a letter and must contain only
alphanumeric characters.
Enter the prefix to be used for all the generated files
Hit 'Return' to accept the default (RDA)

./ -vf


1. normal DB
./ -L profiles
./ -S -p DB10g
./ -vf
tar -cvf output.tar  output/
ls -la
./ -L profiles
./ -S -p Apps_DB_Assessment-DB10g-DB_Assessment -DB_BackupRecovery
./ -vfp
tar -cvf output.tar  output/
3. Peoplesoft DB
./ -L profiles
./ -S -p PeopleSoft_DB
./ -vf
tar -cvf output.tar  output/
4. EBS APP使用
./ -L profiles
 ./ –S –p 9iAS-AppsCheck
 ./ –vf

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