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Global Services Daemon (GSD)

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        因为工作环境有9i RAC的数据库,所以还是要了解下。

Global Services Daemon (GSD)

The Global Services Daemon (GSD) records information such as connection requests from SRVCTL and stores these records the gsdaemon_node_name.log file in the $ORACLE_HOME/srvm/log directory.

GSD记录一些诸如SRVCTL连接请求的信息,并保存在 $ORACLE_HOME/srvm/log 目录的gsdaemon_node_name.log文件中。(从我这里现有的环境没有看到日志,why?)

Clients of the Global Services Daemon (GSD), such as SRVCTL, the DBCA, and Oracle Enterprise Manager, interact with the GSD to perform. various manageability operations on the nodes in your cluster database. You must start the GSD on all the nodes in your Real Applications Clusters database so that the manageability features and tools operate properly.

诸如SRVCTL, DBCA,oem都是通过与GSD交互来进行操作的。你必须在所有节点启动GSD,这样很多功能和工具才能正常运作。

For example, if you start an instance using Oracle Enterprise Manager, then the Intelligent Agent launches a script. that contains SRVCTL commands. The GSD executes these commands which correspond to the requested operation.


Administering the GSD

You can use gsdctl commands to start, stop, and obtain the status of the GSD service on any platform. The options for gsdctl are:


gsdctl start -- To start the GSD service
gsdctl stop -- To stop the GSD service
gsdctl stat -- To obtain the status of the GSD service


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