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Ask Tom "IN & EXISTS"

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The "select * from big where object_id in ( select object_id from small )" will sort BIG once and SMALL once and join them (sort merge join) in all likelyhood. The "select * from big where exists ( select null from small where small.object_id = big.object_id )" will tend to FULL SCAN big once and FOR EVERY ROW in big -- FULL SCAN small. (after running it -- i verified it and the "rule of thumb" holds true. BIG outer query and SMALL inner query = IN. SMALL outer query and BIG inner query = WHERE EXISTS. Remember -- thats is a RULE OF THUMB and rules of thumb always have infinitely many exceptions to the rule. this explanation hold good even for NOT IN and NOT EXISTS ? No, partially because NOT IN and NOT EXISTS are not substitutes for eachother! They mean semantically different things and can/will return different answers. See

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