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纸牌屋第一季第三集精彩对白(House Of Cards 2013 S01E03)

615--You know what no one wants to talk about.


617--I know all about hate.

618--It starts in your gut,

619--deep down here,

620--where it stirs and churns.

621--And then it rises.

622--Hate rises fast and volcanic.

623--It erupts hot on the breath.

624--Your eyes go wide with fire.

625--You clench your teeth so hard

626--you think they'll shatter.

627--- I hate you, God. I hate you!- [Congregation gasps]

628--Oh, don't tell me you haven’t said those words before.

629--I know you have.

630--We all have,

631--if you've ever felt so crushing a loss.

679--And while God may not give us any answers,

680--he has given us the capacity for love.

683--So I pray to you, dear Lord,

685--to help strengthen our love for you

688--And I pray that you will help us fend off hatred

691--and lean not on our own understanding.


865--"What are we supposed to do

866--in the face of so much senseless pain?"

868--"what else can we do

869--but take what seems meaningless

870--and try to make something meaningful from it."

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