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My name is david.Her name is jane She is my sidter.She is a happy girl.Iam also happy.We are both happybecause our parents are kind.
What is that? It is acamera. Is it youe acmera? Yes, it is .Is this also acamera?No,this is a tape.Is that youe tape recorder? No,that is my radio. Where is your tape recoder? It is in my bedroom.
1.john is our neighbor.
2.He is a handsome boy.
3.His farher is a farmer.
4.His mother is a housewife.
5.they are all nice people.
1.Who are you?
2.We are your classmates.
3.Are you brother an sister?
4.Yes.we are.
5.Who are they?Are they our classmates?
6.No,they are not.
7.Is he is new teacher?
8.No,he is their teacher.
1.Ask me if I am rich.
2.Are you rich?
3.Tell me you are poor.
4.I am poor.
5.Ask me why I am poor?
6.Why are you poor?
7.Tell me you are poor becasuse you are a student.
8.I am poor because I am a student.
1.Ask me if I am David.
2.Tell me - Yes ,you are Sacid.
3.Ask me if Jane is me niece.
4.Tell me -Yes ,she is youe niece.
5.Ask me if she is a tall girl.
6.Tell me -No,She is short.
7.Ask me if she is happy.
8.Tell me -Yes ,she is always unhappy hecausr she is short.
9.Ask me if parents are also shirt.
10.Tell me -Yes ,they are ,but they are often happy.
11.Ask me why they are often happy.
12.Tell me-Because rheir sons and daughters are all smart.
13.Ask me if that is their house.
14.Tell me-Yes ,it is their house. 
15.Ask me if it is a large house.
16.Tell me -Yes ,it is large.
17.Now ,ask me if that boy is my newhew.
18.Tell me -Yes ,he is your nephew.
19.Ask me if he is a student.
20.Tell me -No,he is a doctor.
21.Ask me if he is rich.
22.Tell me -Yes mist doctors are rich.
23.Ask me if my nephew is a nice doctor.
24.Tell me -Yes ,he is always kind and patient.
25.Ask me if that is his car.
26.Tell me -Yes ,it is .
27.Ask me if it is a new car.
28.Tell me is an old car.
29.Ask me if cars are expensive in Taiwan.
30.Tell me -Yes ,they are expensive.
31.Ask me if refrigerators and TV sets are also expensive in Tanwan.
32.Tell me -No,they are cheap.
33.Now ,ask me if thar young lady is Jane.
34.Tell me -No,she is your daughter.
35.Tell meshe is beautiful.
36.Tell me your wife is also beautifl.
37.Tell me I am a luchy man.
38.Tell me -Yes ,you are alwats lucky.
39.Ask me if I am tired.
40.Tell me -Yes ,you are.
41.Tell me you are also tired.

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