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Oracle Enterprise Manager 组件 说明 .

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一.    Enterprise Manager 组件说明


在说明之前,我们先用如下SQL 查看一下DB中的组件:

SQL> col comp_id for a15

SQL> col version for a15

SQL> col comp_name for a30

SQL> select comp_id,comp_name,versionfrom dba_registry ;


COMP_ID         COMP_NAME                      VERSION

--------------------------------------------- ---------------

XDB             Oracle XML Database  

AMD             OLAP Catalog         

EM              Oracle Enterprise Manager

SDO             Spatial              

ORDIM           Oracle Multimedia    

CONTEXT         Oracle Text          

ODM             Oracle Data Mining   

EXF             Oracle Expression Filter

RUL             Oracle Rules Manager 

OWM             Oracle Workspace Manager

CATALOG         Oracle Database Catalog Views


COMP_ID         COMP_NAME                      VERSION

--------------------------------------------- ---------------

CATPROC         Oracle Database Packages and T11.



JAVAVM          JServer JAVA Virtual Machine

XML             Oracle XDK           

CATJAVA         Oracle Database Java Packages

XOQ             Oracle OLAP API      

APS             OLAP Analytic Workspace


17 rows selected.



Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g 组件(Components) 说明


This componentwill appear in dba_registry when you have configured a db console in yourdatabase. This is available from Oracle rdbms 10gR1 onwards. Please note thatfor this component you need to have Oracle Enterprise Manager installed atbinaries level.


OEM 组件用户:

DBSNMP, SYSMAN, MGMT_VIEW (11gR1 and 11gR2only)



二.OEM 组件重建

Note.278100.1 HowTo Drop, Create And Recreate DB Control In A 10g Database


OEM的重建,之前有Blog 说明,这里直接参考:

Oracle OEM 重建 及 案例 说明








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