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Oracle 组件 系列 小结 .

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Oracle 组件的信息可以通过v$option 和 dba_registry 查看:



V$OPTION displaysOracle Database options and features. Typically, although not always, optionsmust be separately licensed, whereas features come with the product and areenabled based on the product that is running (Standard Edition, EnterpriseEdition, and so on).


SQL> select * from v$option;


PARAMETER                                VALUE


Partitioning                             TRUE

Objects                                  TRUE

Real Application Clusters                FALSE

Advanced replication                     TRUE

Bit-mapped indexes                       TRUE

Connection multiplexing                  TRUE

Connection pooling                       TRUE

Database queuing                         TRUE

Incremental backup and recovery          TRUE

Instead-of triggers                      TRUE

Parallel backup and recovery             TRUE


PARAMETER                                VALUE


Parallel execution                       TRUE

Parallel load                            TRUE

Point-in-time tablespace recovery        TRUE

Fine-grained access control              TRUE

Proxy authentication/authorization       TRUE

Change Data Capture                      TRUE

Plan Stability                           TRUE

Online Index Build                       TRUE

Coalesce Index                           TRUE

Managed Standby                          TRUE

Materialized view rewrite                TRUE


PARAMETER                                VALUE


Materialized view warehouse refresh      TRUE

Database resource manager                TRUE

Spatial                                  TRUE

Automatic Storage Management             FALSE

Export transportable tablespaces         TRUE

Transparent Application Failover         TRUE

Fast-Start Fault Recovery                TRUE

Sample Scan                              TRUE

Duplexed backups                         TRUE

Java                                     TRUE

OLAP Window Functions                    TRUE


PARAMETER                                VALUE


Block Media Recovery                     TRUE

Fine-grained Auditing                    TRUE

Application Role                         TRUE

Enterprise User Security                 TRUE

Oracle Data Guard                        TRUE

Oracle Label Security                    FALSE

OLAP                                     TRUE

Basic Compression                        TRUE

Join index                               TRUE

Trial Recovery                           TRUE

Data Mining                              TRUE


PARAMETER                                VALUE


Online Redefinition                      TRUE

Streams Capture                          TRUE

File Mapping                             TRUE

Block Change Tracking                    TRUE

Flashback Table                          TRUE

Flashback Database                       TRUE

Transparent Data Encryption              TRUE

Backup Encryption                        TRUE

Unused Block Compression                 TRUE

Oracle Database Vault                    FALSE

Result Cache                             TRUE


PARAMETER                                VALUE


SQL Plan Management                      TRUE

SecureFiles Encryption                   TRUE

Real Application Testing                 TRUE

Flashback Data Archive                   TRUE

DICOM                                    TRUE

Active Data Guard                        TRUE

Server Flash Cache                       TRUE

Advanced Compression                     TRUE

XStream                                  TRUE

Deferred Segment Creation                TRUE


65 rows selected.





SQL> select comp_id,comp_name fromdba_registry;




OWB             OWB

APEX            Oracle Application Express

EM              Oracle Enterprise Manager

AMD             OLAP Catalog

SDO             Spatial

ORDIM           Oracle Multimedia

XDB             Oracle XML Database

CONTEXT         Oracle Text

EXF             Oracle Expression Filter

RUL             Oracle Rules Manager

OWM             Oracle Workspace Manager



--------------- ----------------------------------

CATALOG         Oracle Database Catalog Views

CATPROC         Oracle Database Packages and Types

JAVAVM          JServer JAVA Virtual Machine

XML             Oracle XDK

CATJAVA         Oracle Database Java Packages

APS             OLAP Analytic Workspace

XOQ             Oracle OLAP API


18 rows selected.



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OUTLN : Theaccount that supports plan stability. Plan stability prevents certain databaseenvironment changes from affecting the performance characteristics ofapplications by preserving execution plans in stored outlines. OUTLN actsas a role to centrally manage metadata associated with stored outlines.




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