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introduct myself

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It is really my honor to have the opportunity for this interview. Now I will introduce myself briefly.

 I am 27 years old and was born in Hunan province.

 I graduated from JiangXi university of science and technology in July 2007.
 My major subject in university is computer science and technology.
 By now, I have almost 5 years oracle work experience.

     When I was at university, I have learnt some oracle knowdelge. My last job is oracle development and management. I needed to
 develop some plsql blocks, function and procedures to serve for our application systems at that time and then I worked as
 team lead to arrange work for my members. In addtion,
 our company
 was running oracle databases to mange data for our customers. Therefore, I had to manage those databases, provided maintenance,
 backup, recover, performance tuning, troubleshooting and all the other issues which were related with oracle database. In July
 last year, I left that company and joined dbadirect In August which is my current company.

    At present, I work as an oracle dba and provide oracle support for our American customers with our teams together. My current
 work includes oracle installation, upgrade, data migration, performance tuning, troubleshooting and other aspect. In my work, I
 need to communicate with our customers and our American colleagues. Usually via email, If the issue is emergent, I have to call
 our cusotmers directly sometimes. When I get some big projects, I will work with our American team.
           Now, I have learnt from my former colleague that you are recruiting new staff. I am very interested in your company. Because one
  of my schoolmate worked in IBM of Chendou, I have learnt your corporation culture from him. You provide perfect training for staff,
  which is very helpful for staff's growth. Meanwhile, your whole management is very scientific. I think if I could work in this good
  environment, I will improve myself and provide better service for our customer.

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