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Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery

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Recovery Manager automated Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery(TSPITR) enables you to recovery one or more tablespaces to a point in time that is different from that of the rest of the database.RMAN TSPITR is more useful in these cases:

★ To recovery from an erroneous drop or truncate table operation.

★ To recovery a table that has become logically corrupted.

★ To recovery from an incorrect batch job or other DML statement that has affected only a subset of the database.

★ In cases where there are multiple logical schemas in separate tablespaces of one physical database,and where one schema must be recovered to a point different from that of the rest of the physical database.

★ For VLDBs(Very Large Databases),even if a full database point-in-time recovery would suffice,you might choose to do tablespace point-in-time recovery rather than restore the whole database from a backup and perform. a complete database roll forward.

Similar to a table export,RMAN TSPITR enables you to recovery a consistent data set;however,the data set is the entire tablespace rather than a single object.

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