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利用Oracle RDA快速收集Oracle产品分析数据

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        Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 是一个工程师用Perl语言编写的命令行诊断工具,RDA提供统一的诊断工具支持包和预防的解决方法。提供给Oracle支持收集的客户环境全面的数据信息能够帮助问题的诊断。


Apple Mac OS X/Darwin 
HP OpenVMS Alpha 7.3-2 and above 
HP OpenVMS Itanium 
HP Tru64 UNIX 
HP-UX Itanium 
HP-UX PA-RISC (32 and 64 bit) 
IBM AIX on POWER Systems(32 and 64 bit) 
IBM Dynix/Ptx 
IBM Linux on POWER 
IBM zSeries Based Linux 
Linux Itanium 
Linux x86 (32 and 64 bit) 
Microsoft Windows 7 
Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation and Server 
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server 
Microsoft Windows 2008 
Microsoft Windows Vista 
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 
Sun Solaris Intel 
Sun Solaris SPARC (32 and 64 bit) 

IBM Z/OS (OS/390) 


OLAP Products (Express Server, Financial Analyzer, and Demand Planning Server) 
Oracle Application Server (iAS 1.0.2.x/9.0.x/10.1.2.x/10.1.3.x,10.1.4.x,WebLogic Server (WLS) Release 9.x and 10.x,11g (WLS), HTTP Server,WebCache,J2EE/OC4J) 
Oracle Billing and Revenue Management products 
Oracle BPEL Process Manager 
Oracle Collaboration Suite (Email Server,Calendar,Discussions,Content Services,Workspaces,WebClient,and Wireless) 
Oracle Data Integrator 
Oracle Developer (Forms and Reports) 
Oracle Ebusiness Suite 11i and 12 
Oracle Enterprise Content 
Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-on 
Oracle Enterprise performance management (Hyperion) products 
Oracle Guardian 
Oracle Identity Management products 
Oracle JDBC/PRO *C/ODBC and other development client related information 
Oracle Management Server and Intelligent Agent (Grid Server, Agent Server, DB Control) 
Oracle Networking products 
Oracle RAC Cluster (Single/Multiple Nodes, Automatic Storage Management, Oracle Cluster File System, Data Guard) 
Oracle RDBMS Server (Standard and Enterprise Editions) 
Oracle Retail (Retek) 
Oracle SQL*Plus/iSQL*Plus 
Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 
Oracle Universal Archive (11g) 





2).Make sure the RDA command ( and is executable. To verify, enter the following command: 
chmod +x

3).You can verify the RDA installation using the following command: 
./ -cv

[oracle@redhat5 rda]$ ./ -cv
Loading the file list ...
Checking the directory '.' ...
Checking the directory 'IRDA' ...
Checking the directory 'IRDA/CV0100' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Archive' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Driver' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Handle' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Library' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Local' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Object' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Operator' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Value' ...
Checking the directory 'RDA/Web' ...
Checking the directory 'dfw/cv0100' ...
Checking the directory 'engine' ...
Checking the directory 'hcve' ...
Checking the directory 'modules' ...


1) - Use this command if Perl is not available.

2) - Use this command if Perl is available.

3).Use the following command to verify that Perl is installed and available in the path:

perl -V

下面是执行perl -V命令的例子:


rda.cmd Use this command if Perl is not available. Use this command if Perl is available in the path. To verify if Perl is available, enter the following command:

同样可以通过执行perl -V验证Perl语言环境。


        The data collection requires an initial setup to determine which information should be collected. Enter the following command to initiate the set up: 
./ -S 


       Including the dot ensures that RDA is executed from the local directory.

        After setup completes, you can review the setup file setup.cfg by opening it a text editor such as vi. 

        You can also choose to collect only specific data. For more details, view the command usage help by specifying the -h option, or complete manual page with the -M option.

        Make sure you have ample space for RDA output (approximately 150 MB) in the output location you have chosen in STEP 4. Sometimes, depending on the size of your data files (alert.log, *.trc, install*.log, apache logs, networking logs, etc) of the Oracle installation the final size of your RDA collection may reach over 1000 MB in size.
        At this point, you can collect diagnostic information. sqlplus should connect to the database with the userid that you specified during the setup. Start the data collection using the following command: 
./ [-v]

        The -v option is optional; it allows you to view the collection progression. Additionally, if you want to re-run the RDA collection, you can use the "-fv" option, for example, ./ -fv. For additional information read the RDA FAQ.

        A more targeted way of executing RDA and a way to limit the number of setup questions asked is the use of Diagnostic profiles ( -p ), see RDA Profiles for list of various profiles or run -L profiles. e.g:. ./ -p DB10g 

        The output is a set of HTML files that are located in the RDA output directory which you specified at setup. You can review the data collected by using a Web Browser to open the following file located in: 

        Note: Do not submit any health, payment card or other sensitive production data that requires protections greater than those specified in the Oracle GCS Security Practices ( Information on how to remove data from your submission is available at note 1227943.1 

        The final output is also packaged in an archive located in the chosen during RDA setup -- the packaged output file will have a .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, or .tar.Z extension. If the data collection was generated to assist in resolving a Service Request, send the report archive (for example, RDA.RDA_db_autoxyz.tar) to Oracle Support by uploading the file via My Oracle Support. If FTP'ing the file, please be sure to FTP in BINARY format. Please do notrename the file, as the file name helps Oracle Support quickly identify that RDA output is attached to the service request or  bundle with other files such as trace or log files into a single or common archive file (.tar, .zip, .jar, etc.) 

RDA文档索引 (文档 ID 1540377.1)
Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) 4 - Getting Started (文档 ID 314422.1)


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