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Oracle 10g DML Table Monitoring Changes

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With Oracle Database 10g, the statistcis_level initialization parameter functions as a global option for the table monitoring mechanism. This mechanism overrides the table level MONITORING clause. In other words, the [NO]MONITORING clauses are now obsolete. The statistcis_level parameter was available in 9i.

If the statistcis_level parameter is set to BASIC, the monitoring feature is disabled. When it is set to TYPICAL (which is the default setting) or ALL, then the global table monitoring is enabled.

These changes are aimed at simplifying operations and also making them consistent with other related statistics. The modification monitoring mechanism is now enabled by default, and users of the GATHER AUTO or STALE feature of dbms_stats no longer have to enable monitoring explicitly for every table under the default settings.

You can still use the [NO]MONITORING clauses in the {CREATE | ALTER } TABLE statements as well as the alter_schema_tab_monitoring and alter_database_tab_monitoring procedures of the dbms_stats package, but these clauses and procedures are now considered as no operation. They execute without giving any error, but have no effect.

There is also no table monitoring for temporary tables.

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