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  •   第一类:Extended reasoning questions

      第二类:Vocabulary-in-Context Questions

      第三类:Literal Comprehension Questions

      第四类:Questions Involving Paired Passages and Paragraphs


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      第一类:Extended reasoning questions

      Extended reasoning questions ask you to draw conclusions from or evaluate the information in the passage.

      The answers to these questions will not be directly stated in the passage but can be inferred from it.

      Extended reasoning questions also ask about the overall theme or meaning of the passage and about the purpose, attitude, or tone of the writer.

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      第二类:Vocabulary-in-Context Questions

      One word can have many meanings. The answer choices will often include several different meanings of the word.

      Questions asking for the meaning of a word or phrase refer to the meaning in the context in which the word or phrase is being used in the passage.

      It helps to go back to the passage and reread the surrounding text of the world that is used. Be sure to read enough of the context to thoroughly understand the meaning of the word.

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      第三类:Literal Comprehension Questions

      Tips of Literal Comprehension Questions

      1.Find the place in the passage where the detail is discussed.

      2.Recognize different ways of stating the same fact or idea.

      3.Cross out incorrect responses as you eliminate them.

      4.Read questions carefully, looking for words such as except, not, and only, and for other words that describe exactly what you are asked to do with the information.

      5.Be sure you can support your answer by referring to words or phrases within the passage that support it.

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      第四类:Questions Involving Paired Passages and Paragraphs

      The pair of passages will have a common theme or subject.

      One of the passages will oppose, support, or in some way relate to the other. (反对,支持,或相关)



  • SAT阅读题解题要点

    Keep in mind that the answers come from the passage.

    Remember, every word counts.

    Read the questions and answers carefully.

    Don't forget that an answer choice can be both true and wrong. The correct choice is the one that best answers the question, not any choice that makes a true statement.

    Make sure the reading passage supports your answer. Try eliminating choices. Double-check the other choices. Don't jump from passage to passage.

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