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转:ORA-15186: ASMLIB error function = [asm_open], error = [1],

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ORA-15186: ASMLIB error function = [asm_open], error = [1], mesg = [Operation not permitted]

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Subject:ORA-15186: ASMLIB error function = [asm_open], error = [1], mesg = [Operation not permitted]
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Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: 10.1.0
This problem can occur on any platform.
Oracle Database ASM (Automatic Storage Management) instance
Oracle ASMLib
Raw devices


The Oracle Database ASM instance reports ORA-15186 error in the alert.log, for example:

ORA-15186: ASMLIB error function = [asm_open], error = [1], mesg = [Operation not permitted].

The error occurs periodically, most notably during ASM instance startup and as a result of V$ASM_... view queries, as well as during RMAN backup.

Despite the error, however, no adverse affects are observed.


By default, Oracle Database ASM instance parameter 'ASM_DISKSTRING' is unset and therefore uses a default value of '*'. This means that the ASM instance scans both/dev/raw/and/dev/oracleasm/disks/directories when searching for oracle ASM disks.

When using a combination of oracleasm disks (/dev/oracleasm/disks/*) with raw devices (/dev/raw/*), in particular where some raw devices are not owned by or accessible to the oracle user) as well as ASM instance parameter 'ASM_DISKSTRING' with an unspecified value, error ORA-15186 is likely to occur.


The solution is to explictly set Oracle ASM instance parameter 'ASM_DISKSTRING' such that it only scans for  oracleasm disks (e.g. with label ORCL:*) or to set the value to scan only intended oracleasm devices known to be oracleasm disks.

Explicitly setting 'ASM_DISKSTRING' is recommended as it increases oracle ASM disk scan performance by restricting the number of devices scanned to only those marked with the default provisioned 'ORCL:' label prefix or scanning only a given subset of devices.

Examples of setting ASM_DISKSTRING parameter include:

SQL> alter system set asm_diskstring='ORCL:*' scope=both;

SQL> alter system set asm_diskstring='/dev/raw/raw6,/dev/raw/raw7,/dev/raw/raw8' scope=both;

SQL> alter system set asm_diskstring='/dev/mapper/mpath0,/dev/mapper/mpath1,/dev/mapper/mpath2' scope=both;

Note: whilst limiting the 'ASM_DISKSTRING' value to a specific list of disks ensures optimal ASM instance scan performance, the parameter value must be modified to include any new devices whenever oracleasm disks are added or removed.


Note 391136.1- New ASMLib / oracleasm Disk Gets "header_status=Unknown" - Cannot be Added to Diskgroup



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