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Hyperion worksplace 导航菜单收缩问题 的解决办法

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Fix for Hyperion Workspace Menu Issue with Internet Explorer

Ever logged into Workspace tried to navigate through your menu options and all the sub-menus open on top of each other?

Then you’re probably using Internet Explorer.

Chin up, there’s a fix (no, not Firefox). You just need to change a your IE settings. Or get the person who changes your settings to do it for you (which in all probability they will refuse to do due to some policy or other).

1. Add your Workspace Web server name to the list of Trusted Sites in IE (Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites)

2. Change the security settings for Trusted Sites by clicking the Custom Settings button in the Security Tab. Change the setting for ‘Allow script-initiated windows without size of position constraints’ to ‘Enable’.

Note: The security level (e.g. Medium, Medium-Low, Low) isn’t important because it will switch to ‘Custom’ once you make this change.

3. Refresh your Internet Explorer windows (or go crazy and restart them) and your menus should now expand correctly.


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