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在Navisphere manager上为EMC阵列设置NTP Server

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1. In the File menu, click Set Up Domain > NTP.

2. In the NTP Configuration dialog box, enter the IP address, and optionally the Key ID and Key Value for the NTP server you are adding.

3. To enable NTP for the attached supported storage systems, select  Enable NTP.
    Note  This option does not affect NTP server settings.

4. In Time Sync Interval, specify the time interval that the storage system will use to synchronize with the time server.
  The minimum interval is 30 minutes; the maximum is 30 days. Once or twice per day is generally sufficient for most uses
  Note  If you use CLI to add time intervals that are not in the standard UI list, the new CLI intervals will be visible the next time you use the UI option.

5. Click OK to save any changes and close the dialog box.

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