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VxFS snapshot与VxFS storage checkpoint的区别

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While snapshots and Storage Checkpoints both create apoint-in-timeimage of a file system and only the changed data blocks are updated, there are significant differences between the two technologies:

1.Snapshots require a separate device for storage. Storage Checkpoints reside on the same device as the original file system.

2.Snapshots are read-only. Storage Checkpoints can be read-only or read-write.

3.Snapshots are transient. Storage Checkpoints are persistent.

4.Snapshots cease to exist after being unmounted. Storage Checkpoints can exist and be mounted on their own.

5.Snapshots track changed blocks on the file system level. Storage Checkpoints track changed blocks on each file in the file system.

6.Although there can be more than one snapshot of a file system, they are all based on a single, parent file system. Storage Checkpoints can be based on other Storage Checkpoints.

Storage Checkpoints also serve as the enabling technology for two other VERITAS features: Block-Level Incremental BackupsandStorage Rollback, which are used extensively for backing up databases.

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