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about aggregation and non-cumulative of key figure

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Note some message about the key figure:non-cumulative and ggregation, which was set in the key figure tab 'Aggregation' 。

Non-cumulative : It set the field which will not be cumulative depending on some characteristic values, instead it is considered with the reference to time(always date:0calday). For example: as a inventory scenario, the inventory cube stores the material movement:

 Date  qty
 2011-01-01  100
 2011-01-02  10
 2011-01-03  -20
 2011-01-04  50
 2011-01-05  -50
 2011-01-06  30

we get the balance qty as below:

Date  Balance
 2011-01-01  100
 2011-01-02  110
 2011-01-03  90
 2011-01-04  140
 2011-01-05 90
 2011-01-06  120

There are two types of non-cumulative key figures: Delta Movement Key Figure and Seperate Inflow and Outflow Key Figure.

When a non-cumulative key figure becames part of a cube, it becames a non-cumulative cube. We can set the validity table by Extras->Maintain non cumulative value in administrator workbench, the table was auto maintained, you can edit it in RSDV. For the example, the validity of the date was from 2011-01-01 to 2011-01-06. If request the query not in the validity, the result would be blank.

I still confused about the Aggregation:

1.Aggregation(standard). Set the key figure how to aggregated.

2.Exception Aggregation. Set the key figure aggregated with the reference characteristic.

There were also BEx aggregation too.

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