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Execute Query in ABAP

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If you are on BW3.5 you can use standard function module RRW3_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA to execute BW query and get the data.  The difference between RRW3_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA and Y_EXECUTE_QUERY is that the standard FM returns the data as separate tables for AXIS_INFO , CELL_DATA , AXIS_DATA and TXT_SYMBOLS where as using Y_EXECUTE_QUERY you can get the output in XML format and the same can be converted to a two dimensional itab using the XSLT program provided in Execute BW query using ABAP Part II. As far parameter passing for RRW3_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA you have to pass parameters to it like passing it for web query URL parameters. ( VAR_NAME_1= &VAR_VALUE_EXT_1=&etc...(more info)).  RRW3_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA is the one which is used when you call BW query as webservice.

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