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Here is a joke on our department meeting .

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It is always a meeting of our department on Monday afternoon 1 PM. The theme is working. But , we have regular works don’t allowed to write on the meeting record. So it is hard to write. It is also annoied us hard.


I have just finished the meeting. Now , I dissapoint about the futurn in this company.In fact , here is not have many issues to do . But , the leader said that there is a lot of things to do .It is absurd. Nothing could be more annoying.

So it is better to leave here. If I have a chance. Leaving is earlier or later. A lot of things worry me . The firs thing is the salary, it is less than 200 dollars. And the second , the culture of the Enterprise. It is old and bad. Human relations are import than ability.

I have to learn forms as fast as I can .And studing EBS module as fast as I can too.This is the best to preparing .

‘Life is difficult than you thinking ‘ . I am prepared. I am not afriad of this sort of things. I believe.

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