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I have to improve my English.

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From now on, I decide to write a diary using English everyday .My English is poor . If you visit my blog , please help me to find some grammar mistake or spelling mistake. I appreciate for you help.


Whatever you do , the first step is diffcult . In my junior middle school, the English teacher ask us to write a diary one day , but I could not complete my homework yet.

I have big a ? joy today , a friend on my MSN talked with me .I have told my exprience about Oracle EBS. Then I asked him whether my level is enough to enter his company , he told me I can. The salary will be 2500-3000 per month . I am delight.

The rest of work is my forms studing . If I am good at it together with the OM , INV ,AP, AR Module of Oracle EBS. I think my annual salary will above 50000. That is the first step of my dream .

I want to go to the English cornor in Ningbo . Are there some foreigners ?

I also want to meet some foreigner friends in Ningbo. He teach me English and I teach him Chinese.This is the best way to learn English , but how to get a friend like this?

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