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【工具】一款oracle rac 检查工具

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一 raccheck 是什么
RACcheck is a RAC Configuration Audit tool  designed to audit various important configuration settings within a Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle Clusterware (CRS), Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and Grid Infrastructure environment.
raccheck 可以审计如下组件的配置信息:
  1 OS kernel parameters
  2 OS packages
  3 Many other OS configuration settings important to RAC.
  4 CRS/Grid Infrastructure
  6 ASM
  7 Database parameters
  8 Many other database configuration settings important to RAC
  9 Upgrade Readiness assessment
二 支持的版本
  1  10gR2
  2 11gR1
  3 11gR2
  1 raccheck
  2 collections.dat
  3 rules.dat
其中collections.dat  rules.dat 称为raccheck的驱动。注意:一个raccheck工具的驱动不能手工更改!
四  何时使用
   1 第一次安装完成rac 
   2 在例行的os维护之前
   3 在例行的os维护之后 
   4 至少三个月一次
五 提供那些参数:
仅仅在数据库服务器上以oracle用户安装和运行该软件即可,如果没有则需要在root 用户下了!
raccheck 有以下几个参数:
    1.  -a - performs all checks, best practice and Database/Clusterware patch/OS recommendations. 
    2.  -b - best practice recommendations only 
    3.  -p - database/clusterware patch recommendations only 
    4.  -f - offline, performs analysis for all 
    5.  -u - performs pre-upgrade and post-upgrade readiness checks (see Appendix M for a full 
        description of the upgrade readiness feature) 
             a. supports upgrade readiness checks for upgrading to or higher 
            b.  Pre-upgrade ( checks require the additional argument pre (specified by -o): 
                 $ ./raccheck -u -o pre 

             c. Post-upgrade ( checks require the additional argument post (specified by -o): 
                 $ ./raccheck -u -o post 

    6.  -S - please see the  How to Run RACcheck Silently section for more on this argument 
    7.  -s - please see the How to Run RACcheck Silently section for more on this argument 
    8.  -c - for use when checking individual components, for example: 
                 For only ASM Component Checks: 
                 $ ./raccheck -a -c ASM 

                 For only ACFS Component Checks: 
                 $ ./raccheck -a -c ACFS 
    9.  -o - for invoking various optional functionality: 
                v or verbose would display PASSing audit checks as well as non- 
                 $ ./raccheck -a -o v 
                 $ ./raccheck -a -o verbose 
                 $ ./raccheck -a -c ASM -o verbose 

    10. -v - returns the version of the tool 
    11. -m - supresses the Maximum Availability Architecture Scorecard which is now enabled by  default in RACcheck ! 
六 如何使用RACcheck 
  1 以oracle 用户(如果没有安装oracle rdbms ,则以root 用户执行)
  2 在将要执行racckeck 工具的节点的本地目录上 accheck --
  3 unzip 工具 将脚本和驱动文件放到同一个目录下。
  4 验证此工具是否具有+x 权限,如果没有则:
    chmod +x raccheck
  5 执行如下命令:
    ./raccheck -a
oracle@rac1:/home/oracle/software>./raccheck  -a
CRS stack is running and CRS_HOME is not set. Do you want to set CRS_HOME to /opt/rac/11.2.0/grid?[y/n][y]y
Checking ssh user equivalency settings on all nodes in cluster
Node rac2 is configured for ssh user equivalency for oracle user
Searching for running databases . . . . .

List of running databases registered in OCR
1. rac
2. None of above
Select databases from list for checking best practices. For multiple databases, select 1 for All or comma separated number like 1,2 etc [1-2][1].1
. . 
Checking Status of Oracle Software Stack - Clusterware, ASM, RDBMS
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
                                                 Oracle Stack Status                            
Host Name  CRS Installed  ASM HOME       RDBMS Installed  CRS UP    ASM UP    RDBMS UP  DB Instance Name
rac1        Yes             Yes             Yes             Yes        Yes      Yes      rac1      
rac2        Yes             Yes             Yes             Yes        Yes      Yes      rac2      
96 of the included audit checks require root privileged data collection . If sudo is not configured or the root password is not available, audit checks which  require root privileged data collection can be skipped.
1. Enter 1 if you will enter root password for each  host when prompted
2. Enter 2 if you have sudo configured for oracle user to execute script 
3. Enter 3 to skip the root privileged collections 
4. Enter 4 to exit and work with the SA to configure sudo  or to arrange for root access and run the tool later.
Please indicate your selection from one of the above options[1-4][1]:- 1
*** Checking Best Practice Recommendations (PASS/WARNING/FAIL) ***
Log file for collections and audit checks are at
如果选择了1 则下下面的提示中会让用户输入root的密码:如果没有在规定时间内提供密码,以root权限进行的收集工作会被kill掉并继续进行!如下所示
6 当整个raccheck 工具检查完成之后会生成如下文件:zip 文件和 执行raccheck过程的目录存放临时文件 还有 html文件 
用户可以把生产的文体交给sr 以便进行分析~!




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