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【DataGuard】ORA-16032: parameter destination string cannot be translated

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ORA-16032 Attempting to Transfer Archive Logs to Standby Database
Problem Description
You are attempting to setup a standby database and automate the
process of transferring archive logs to a remote/local site and
are receiving the following error:
Alert log (Primary Database)
 Tue Nov  1 17:22:48 1999
ARC2: Error attaching RFS server to standby instance at host 'SID'
Code '16032'
ARC2: Error creating archivelog file 'SID'
ARC2: Completed archiving log# 2 seq# 268
ARC2: re-scanning for new log files
ARC2: prodding the archiver
V$ARCHIVE_DEST (Primary Database)
ERROR  ORA-16032: parameter  destination string cannot be translated
Solution Description
By ensuring that standby_archive_dest is set correctly the above error should be resolved. Ensure that standby_archive_dest points to a full path which is valid.
ie: standby_archive_dest="/u01/oradata/SID/arch"
NOTE: Ensure you do NOT have the parameter set with the "location=" in front of the full path as this will cause the ORA-16032. The ORA-16032 is raised because the ARCHn process on the primarysite is unable to resolve standby_archive_dest if it is invalid or not syntactically correct.
The problem is that the parameter standby_archive_dest is incorrectly set on the standby database.

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