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  • Obtain a minimum of 3 - 4 years of Oracle experience. Five or more years experience would be more typical of the qualified candidate.
  • Make sure you have all the skills described under Recommeded Minimum Skills and Experience.
  • Be prepared to use the non-searchable documentation during the exam, to help you with correct syntax.
  • Review command line solutions and be prepared to use them, even if you know how to do things in GUI. GUI is not available for every segment of the exam. (GUI不能用!!)
  • Take the time to get hands-on practice with all the exam objectives, especially on skills that you do not use regularly.
  • You must be able to translate high-level conceptual requirements into the specific commands and actions that are needed to execute them. This is where your years of experience and hands-on practice are especially vital to success on the exam.



  • 3-4 years of professional enterprise-level Oracle experience
  • Experience with backup, restore and recovery operations
  • Proficient with SQL
  • Working knowledge of LINUX command language that includes:
    • Executing basic OS commands
    • Creating and navigating through directory structures
    • File management using copy, move, and delete
    • Linux environment text editors
    • Setting environment variables
  • The ability to locate and/or  use Oracle executables that include but not limited to:
    • RMAN utility
    • Oracle Net Manager
    • Oracle Net Configuration Assistant
    • Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express
    • Listener Utility
    • OMS
    • Oracle Password Utility
    • Database Creation Assistant (DBCA)
    • DGMGRL
  • Proficient with OEM Cloud Control
  • Familiarity navigating through online Oracle documentation
  • Proficient with using Mozilla browser software




  1. Choose the event you wish to attend
    1. Oracle Database 12c Certified Master Upgrade Exam Event
  2. Select the "Register" link beside the country and dates you wish to schedule.
  3. Checkout.
  4. Contact your local Oracle University representative if you are unable to find an OCM event in your area.
  5. There is a 14-day waiting period to retake a failed exam. Passed exams may not be taken again.


The exam starts promptly at 9:00 AM. Plan on finishing no sooner than 6:00 PM. Late arrivals are not guaranteed entry but may be accommodated at the sole discretion of the proctor.
Plan your travel schedule accordingly to ensure enough time to work through each scenario. Participants are not permitted to enter or leave the classroom once a skillset has started; they must wait until the next skillset.

Photo Identification

All participants are required to provide valid, government-issued photo identification with signature to be admitted to the exam. Valid photo identification includes passport, drivers' license, military ID or other government-issued ID.

Oracle Testing ID

Every candidate must provide their 9-character Oracle Testing ID to initiate the OCM exam. The Oracle Testing ID is the unique identifier associated with each candidate's Oracle exam history at Pearson Vue.
It is strongly recommended that OCM candidates locate their Oracle Testing ID at least one week prior to their exam date. Followthese instructions to obtain your Oracle ID.


The exam is conducted in a dedicated Oracle University classroom environment and administered to ensure fairness and security. An Oracle proctor facilitates the event by delivering skillsets and adhering to specific skillset time frames. The proctor does not have access to scoring information or the candidates scores.

For 12c OCM each participant is randomly assigned a dedicated server that is his or her workstation for the event.

Servers are isolated from the Internet and Intranet in an effort to maintain security. It is the responsibility of each participant to effectively manage the database and instance environment on his or her server to ensure performance and ability to recover from failure skillsets. The inability to recover from a failure skillset may impact a participant's completion of subsequent skillsets.

All skillsets have time limitations that require participants to employ best practices in order to successfully complete assigned tasks. Each skillset explicitly describes the required end state that participants must achieve.

Participants are not allowed to use personal documentation or notes during the practicum, nor will they be permitted to collaborate with other participants. Cell phones, pagers, PDAs, and similar electronics will not be allowed in the practicum classroom. Participants can use the notepad on their desktop to keep notes during the practicum. Participants must agree to the same guidelines that apply to all Oracle Certification candidates. These guidelines can be found in the Oracle Certification Program Candidate Agreement. Divulging OCM exam content is a violation of Oracle's Fraudulent Activity Policy and may result in the revocation of an individual's OCP and OCM credentials.


Participants are scored on their ability to complete assigned tasks and to recover from various database failure scenarios. Data from each participant's environment is collected at the end of each scenario and used to determine the final score. In some scenarios, participants may receive partial credit, however the inability to recover from a failure scenario results in zero credit for an entire scenario. The proctor is not responsible for scoring the exam and will not have scoring information during or after the event.

Participants will be notified of their final score 4 - 5 weeks following the exam. Upon attaining a successful score, a participant is awarded the Oracle Certified Master credential. Participants who do not earn a passing score are required to retake the entire exam at a later date.

Exam Cancellation

Oracle Certified Master Exams are offered through Oracle University and are governed by the Oracle University Legal Terms & Policies.



The OCM credential represents a proven ability to perform in the challenging role of a senior enterprise DBA. OCM benefits can help leverage this high level of credibility and turn it into career and business opportunities. OCMs can take advantage of valuable endorsement tools to become more marketable and differentiate themselves from others when competing for job opportunities and projects. OCMs continue to enjoy the OCP member benefits and also receive these additional benefits:

  • Distiguished industry-recognized credential, backed by Oracle’s brand equity
  • OCM professional profile
  • Exclusive use of the OCM logo for business cards, literature, etc.
  • Complimentary Database OCM Logo embroidered apparel items

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