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timestamp in data extraction

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As we known, there will be two kinds of data update mode in BW generally, Full and Delta. The full update is for the condition in which you want to load data with your limitations, as the delta update just for loading fresh data not existed. For delta two situations should be taken into account. For Logistics delta queue is perfect, while timestamp for Finance. Mostly an  Init.  will be done before delta, however ,timestamp cause a delay between timestamp and accounting time. For example, a voucher is done while accounting isn't not existed in DB level), so in the data extraction this record will not be gotten. In order to solve this issue, SAP provider user a method in which you can definite a range called lower limiter and upper limiter, when extracting it .

     Here comes a simple sample for you, data extraction per 6 hours. Considering 12:00 as start-point, data created between 06:00 and 12:00 will be loaded. However, if you have created a voucher at 11:55 and after a lunch doing an accounting at 12:30, unfortunately it is lost in data extraction. So lower limit will do a favor for you when setting it to 30 minutes, then data-fresh ranges from 05:30 to 12:00 will suitable for extraction. As same as lower limiter, upper limiter will extract data ranging 06:00 to 11:30.

    For the developer adopting it, ODS will be your first choice in Info Provider  due to overwrite duplicated data.


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