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Today I've come back to Hong Kong to stand before you,and account for myself,I've never escaped away
from my responsibility.
During the past few weeks,I've been with my mother,and my family,and love ones,to show
support and care,and at the same time have their support and care for me.
I admit most of the photos being circulated['sə:kjuleit] on the Internet were taken by me,but these photos were very private,
and have not been shown to people,and were never intended to be shown [ʃəun] to anyone.
Their photos were stolen['stəulən] from me illegally[i'li:gəli],and distributed without my consent[kən'sent].There is
no doubt[daut] whoever obtained these photos had been uploading them on the Internet with malicious[mə'liʃəs] and
deliberate[di'libərit]  intent[in'tent].
This matter has intercalated[in'tə:kəleit, in'tə:kə.leit] to the extend that the society[sə'saiəti] as a whole
has been effected by this,and in this regard,I am deeply sad in it.
I would like now to apologise to all the people for all the suffering['sʌfəriŋ] that has been caused and the problems
that have arisen[ə'rizn, ə'rizən] from this.
I would like to apologies to all the ladies and to all their families,for any harm or hurt that they've been feeling,
I'm sorry.I would like to also apologies to my mother and my father,for the pain and suffering that I cost them during
these past few weeks.Most importantly,I would like to say sorry to all the people in Hong Kong,I give my apology[[ə'pɔlədʒi]
sincerely[sin'siəli] to you all,and reservedly it be,and with my heart.I know young people in Hong Kong look up to
many figures in our society,and in this regard,I had failed,I had failed as a role model.However,I wish this matter
would teach everyone a lesson,to all the young people in our community,let this be a lesson for you all,this is not
an example to be set for you.
During my time away,I've made an important decision,I will wholeheartedly[.həul'hɑ:tidli] fulfill[ful'fil] all
commitments[kə'mitmənt] that I have to date,but after that,I've decided to step away from the Hong Kong entertainment
[.entə'teinmənt]industry,I've decided to do this to give myself an opportunity to heal[hi:l] myself and to search
my soul.I will delicate['delikit, 'deləkət] my time to charity['tʃæriti, 'tʃærəti] and community work within the
next few months,I will be away from Hong Kong entertainment indefinitely[in'definitli, in'defənitli],there is no time
I've be assisting to the police since the first day that the photos were published,and I will continue to assist them,
after this press conf.,our obligations[.ɔbli'geiʃən, .ɔblə'geiʃən] to help their investgation,and hope that this case
can end soon,as everyone I think has the same wish.
I would like to use this opportunity to thank the police for their hard work on this case.Thank you.I believe everyone's
priority now[prai'ɔriti, prai'ɔrəti],my priority now,is to stop suffering the pain,for not letting this, we do not want
to let this situation to be more out of control,we need to protect all the innocents['inəsnt, 'inəsənt] and all
the young for matters like this.In this regard,I've been instructing my lawyers to do everything possible within
the law to protect all the innocent victims in this case.
I believe that the press today that been issued as we speak are what my lawyers had advised me to do.
Lastly,I would like to thank everyone for coming here today,and listening to what I have to say.
I would like to also apologies once again to all the ladies and their families,my family,and to everyone in Hong Kong,
and everyone in our society.I'm deeply in sad by this,and I apologies to everyone that had to go through this.
I would like to also thank you for giving me this opportunity to say what I wanna to say all along in my heart.
I hope after today,I can have your forgiveness.With regard to this case,with everything,everything that had happened,
I'm deeply sorry.
I hope you all would accept my apology,and give me a chance.Thank you.

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