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Singles' Day

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it's Singles'Day today,I get up as usual and then go to the company .Zhi was born on 11th,'s funny
,isn't it?I promise to send him a message today.after thought,there's an idea and I wrote:to the guy who
born on Singles' Day
happy birthday and merry him a nice time today and the days to come.Being healthy and joyous
I'm tired in business hours and many sisterms may be so.And I have several methods to avoid this:
First of all,you can go to the washing room ,relaxing,washing your face,anything you wish to do is OK.
Next,going out for a deep breath about 5-10 minutes.keep your brain cold and clear.
last not the least,have some fruit or sth else
what do you scare?non-money,non-love,non-job,sick,death,or sth else
I like shpping,movies,novels,sleeping,study;if those things can't  appeal me,what can I live for then
Boss said we would have supper together this week.I'd love to ,but I have to go home in time and deal with
sth  more important.How could I tell him that I won't go to the supper? It's a boring thing for me to have
supper with strangers,especially when I have to do so unavoidably.
last night,two friends told me that I should look for a man who loves me more than I love him,no matter he
is rich or poor,handsome or long as he love you deeply,nothing else is important.I don't know
whether he loves me more than anything else,and love me all lifttime whether I'm young or old,beauty or
ulgy. So I won't take a risk.I think they're right,However I haven't met the man who is my Mr.Right.
Officemate Y brought us presents one is Oteman and the other is a rag boll JP style.
I found that there is  a boy who always stares at me and while I turn back I can see his sight is on me.How
 nice thing that I can feel.Many years ago ,I stare sb and when he turn back I always pretended to look for
other things.How fool I am ,but I'm happy.Love is the most happy trifles in the world.
However I don't have this feeling any more.I miss it and I want it to come once again ­

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