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trust love

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winter is coming,please keep warm at times
the weathere in Beijing is variable.It's warm several days ago,and the temperature is twenty or's cold recently,looks like heavy winter.Especiallly in the morning and at the night.we even feel the cold go through to the bone and the blood before the central heating coming.
we can take one more coat to keep warm.However what should you do when your heart is cold.Always do I pray the happiness come to us right now and the days to come.
Maybe we're too innocent,maybe all the male we met are the wrong persoms.But how can it be for us to meet gentle men in so many years.A frank man ,is clear for what he need.If it's suit him,he would ask you out ;while it's not so,you will never see each other again.However there is an other type men who is bad.Even you'er not the tea of him,he may lies to you,and enjoy your love and cheat you.In my ipinion,will to give is happiness.Because you believe the true love ,and you trust a person.
if he never feels what you do,and never understand what you need.It's unworthy for you to do so.He must not own your love .What he need is only pretty face and the vanities you bring to him.
Maybe it's lucky for you to leave's earlier for him to meet you,not your Mr.right.
people who love each other,whatever one does,the other one can feel it and understand that.For replay he/she will do better and give more.Why didn't he feel a little about your femininity?Perhaps we were too strick for love as people said.NO,NO,NO.I know that we can't make a may think that we're selfish and love weselves than anyone else,you may think that we are too sensitive to accept the unperfect love.
What we really care is the feeling.I know.we are afraid to lose and need more love than normal to keep safe in heart and trust it.
Friend A said the earlier you surrender,the earlier you get happiness.Is it right?Nobody can tell me.But what's compromise and how can I surrender.
You are an excellent girl,much better than you think you are.And I believe that the God will bring you a gentle man,who can understand you,take you joy and happiness,protect you and make you life a colorful world.
There are too many things which can't be owned even though you make great efforts.For example,you can't come home on holiday and weekends while you try hard to do so;you are not able to share your happiness with your best friends when they are far away in the other cities;and when you are alone and nobody beside you.......
we're not desperate.what's desperate ?Maybe sometimes it comes,because we're human and we have the disadvantage like sorrow and guilty,and we can't do everything perfectly,and so we value what we have at the present,and make full use of it.However we have a brave heart always in our life.The brave is the right of you,nobody can take it away.
Season had a small surgery for eyes and I haven't see her for a long time.she has grown up and understands what a real life is.
Wang is a happy woman ,what she has it the priceless.Maybe others can't get it the whole lifetime.
I'm not regret.The two years in Beijing,I learn how to deal with difficulty ,and how to make friends with the persons around you,which is not taught by teachers.Life is your teacher,the best teacher.Give me enough energy and I will do what I want to do.tomorrow is  wonderful .
Never too old to learn, never too late to turn.and I believe it. ­

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