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Central hearting system has come on live around my flat.However ,it's three
days later when I felt that.It isn't cold in evening even though when I
sleep with the windows open.Last nigh ,I moved my furniture on the other
side,I felt hot on the back.It's very curious and I touched the radiator.Oh
my god,it's on live.
Without too much surprise,it's no necessary to have heating for this
occasion.Some day ago,when I wore in  pajamas for summer and walked
around,it's very cold and I hope that heating would come as soon as
possible.But it all changed when I put on warm pajamas.So this time,the
heating is coming,it's not so exiting.Lady boss said that the flat is beside
the house of the old people,so it will be halt month earlier then the normal
On monday,a officemate come over and take the PU'ER tea,however,we are too
busy to do so.when it's five thirty,I'm not so busy and come there to take
the tea.why not take it tomorrow,it's nearly to go home now.Oh,yea,you're
right,I will come over tomorrow.
Tuesday,we're not so busy today.So I call to the officemate PU'ER tea.soon
she takes it over here and I feel happy for her consideration.The more I
thrink ,the more thirsty I feel and I told it her and she said it's just the
 effort to lose weight.But I want to put on weight-------
soon they comment about it.Are you kidding/ironical?--you're just stimulate
me.NO,NO,NO,I just er,(um),you see ,keep on health is the most important.And
first of all ,you're not have to lose weight.You're just the standard.
Finally I found that I'm good at cooking.though it's not the level which
Ping has,I have made a great advance/progress since last time Wang came in
Going to the restaurant must be limited for the following reasons.Above
all,it's expensive for us to go to the restaurant,especially when you go
there by youself;the next,food ,which is done by the cook or chief ,is  not
so health .They must add some harmful chemical agent to make the food look
nice and taste good.
It's so'd better cook youself for your health.
WWW,a junior alumni,who works for website development,is a lovely boy.I knew
him  on an website called Ganji BBS,and sent message to him,and then we met
on a weekend.It's magic for me to meet a stranger by web.However,I successed
finally.And we are frieds now.He got a new job,beside Perking University and
I will come over there on weekend to meet him.He graduated in 2007,and came
to Beijing in 2008,March.I saw myself on him for past,in which I'm
passion,ambition,initiative.Chatting with him takes me much happiness memory
and I feel relaxt when we get together.He is an smart boy,and need to
study/understand sth about computer technology and oral English,so do I.
I'm in good mood recently.I don't know why.Maybe my little brother has come
to be sensitive;maybe all the problems I confronted are no longer trouble
for me.
last weekend,Caoyy came to the temple with her sister for pray for good luck
in career.I'd like to go ,however,I have to come back home for visitation
Mom and Dad.
There is Leonid in 2002.I made three wished.The first of all,for Mom and
Dad,health and safety;the second for my little brother,come to sensitive and
 responsible.last  but not the least,merry myself to get the access to an
good enough university.
So far,I'm still single.Maybe I take too little religiosity/piety.If so,I
must go there for pray really and perfect love
I got an address from a staff which can chat with others on line.How
exitting I am!I haven't chatted since May 2008 in work hour. ­

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